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There’s no doubt, the parenting learning curve can be steep. One minute, the only person you have to worry about is yourself. And the next, you have the life of a tiny baby in your hands. And there’s so much to learn–breastfeeding, sleep training and perfecting that stealth maneuver to get your sleeping child out of a car seat.

Add on top of that, the legal issues–understanding maternity leave benefits, hiring baby nurses and nannies, and returning to work. It can be overwhelming.

As a mom, I understand this all too well. One day I was an employee on maternity leave, the next I found myself an employer to a nanny. So, I’ve made it my business to help moms and dads understand and handle the legal issues that go hand in hand with parenthood–so they can get back to the more important business of being parents.

  • In the state of California you may be entitled to money from the state while you are on maternity leave?
  • If you hire someone to watch your child they might be entitled to overtime payments?
  • You may be able to negotiate part-time or flexible schedules?
  • Dads may be legally entitled to time off from work when the baby comes, too?
  • If you don't pay an employee all of the wages to which they're entitled on their last day of work, you may owe a lot of money in penalties?
  • In California, you have a statutory right to take the time you need to express breast milk in a private place once you return to work?
  • In the state of California, you may be entitled to take up to seven months off from work when you are pregnant and have a baby?
  • If you hire someone to watch your child on a regular basis, you should be making tax payments to, and filing paperwork with, the EDD on a quarterly basis?
  • In California, there are several statutes that provide parents with protected time off from work to care for their children when they're sick and to attend school events?
  • If you're disabled due to pregnancy, your protected leave rights begin before your baby is born?
  • Wage and hour laws differ depending on whether your nanny lives with you or not?
  • You are entitled to be reinstated to your position after taking a protected leave of absence?
  • The same parental leave laws apply for parents who adopt children?
  • You might be breaking the law if you install a “nanny-cam”?
  • That if you become pregnant again, even very soon after returning to work, you are entitled to another protected leave of absence pursuant to California's Pregnancy Disability Leave law?

"I had no idea I could get money from the state when I was out on maternity leave. Lisa even let me know the best time to apply to maximize the money."